Connecting PayPal ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Connecting PayPal is an alternative method of payout if you prefer using PayPal over Stripe. Note that Stripe is Pillar's primary method of handling transactions, so you will receive earnings faster through Stripe. If you'd like to connect Stripe instead for payments, see the guide here.

You can connect PayPal:

Through the 'Earnings' Tab

Navigate to the tab called Earnings on the sidebar. Make sure you're in Sales, and click Connect PayPal:

A popup will appear from PayPal. Just follow the directions in the popup and log in.

Once you have successfully logged in to your PayPal, the window above the Sales window (not on the sidebar) should be gone.

Note the difference from the first image

Alternatively, you can connect PayPal:

Through the 'Settings' Tab

Another way to connect PayPal is through the Settings tab at the bottom of the sidebar. Click on Settings, then click on Payments below

To connect your PayPal to your Pillar account, click on the button that says My country is not supported by Stripe.

A popup will appear from PayPal. Follow the prompts to log in to PayPal.

Following successful connection, a red button to disconnect PayPal should appear.

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