Referral Program Summary 🗣️

Want to spread the word about Pillar & get paid?

Pillar Partners are creators who get paid a 20% commission for subscriptions they refer!

So what does this look like?

You get ~$6/month per referral that signs up for our $29/month plan.

How long will I get my monthly referral payments?

Forever!! Well, every month that your referral remains a Pillar subscriber. When they pay their monthly fee, you earn a 20% commission paid directly to your account.

Driving referrals nets you recurring passive income…so how much can you earn?

There’s no limit to how much you can earn every month! Here’s a forecast to give you a sense:

Earnings 💵 10 Referrals 20 Referrals 30 Referrals 40 Referrals 100 Referrals
Month 1 $60 Earned $120 Earned $180 Earned $240 Earned $600 Earned
Month 2 $120 Earned $240 Earned $360 Earned $480 Earned $1200 Earned
Month 3 $180 Earned $360 Earned $540 Earned $720 Earned $1800 Earned
Month 6 $360 Earned $720 Earned $1080 Earned $1440 Earned $3600 Earned
Month 12 $720 Earned $1440 Earned $2160 Earned $2880 Earned $7200 Earned

Let’s say you’ve referred 100 people… you’ll be earning $600/month, and by month 6 will have earned $3,600 in passive income.

Your referral link

You can easily grab your referral link from the Referrals Tab (

All links are structured as “,” so if your Pillar Store is, your referral link would be

You can track your active referrals from the Referrals Tab!

Receiving referral commissions

  • When someone signs up for Pillar through your referral link, you will gain a new active referral. Once your referral finishes their 14-day free trial & converts into a paying Pillar subscriber, you will be paid.
  • Your 20% commission will be paid out to your Pillar wallet/balance when a referral pays their monthly fee to Pillar! If you’ve got your Stripe connected, it will be paid out to your bank account regularly – every 48 hours.
  • In other words, as soon as Pillar receives the monthly membership fee payment, you will receive your referral commission. 🎉

Pillar Ambassador Program

  • Pillar Ambassadors are our select group of VIP creators who embody our values & share our mission to improve the lives of other creators.
  • Ambassadors love to rep Pillar on their socials and drive referrals. They get to earn DOUBLE the normal commission (40% profit-share vs. standard 20% profit-share) for each referral they drive, every single month!
  • The ambassador program is currently an application based, invite-only program, and comes with a slew of benefits, such as the ones detailed in the link below:
  • If you would like to apply, just start referring Pillar. Once you have 5 active referrals, we will reach out with a form for you to apply. You can also email once you have enough active referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I keep receiving my monthly referral payments?

You will receive your commission payments every month that your referral stays subscribed to Pillar. You will be getting recurring passive income every month.

What’s the easiest way to get referrals?

We’ve got you covered with this easy-to-read guide below that will teach you exactly how to refer friends, followers, clients and more to Pillar.

How to Talk About Pillar!

Pillar University

A few things you can do:

  • POST A VIDEO talking about your experience with Pillar on your socials!
    • Educate your followers on your own monetization journey, and point them to your Pillar referral link as the call to action for your video
    • Take followers through the step-by-step journey you took to begin selling your first coaching sessions, e-courses, ebooks, or other digital products & and how you’ve grown along the way.
    • Tell your followers just how much of a chore it was for you to get & manage your brand deals when you were doing everything alone, and by hand, and how much easier it is for you with your Pillar media kit!
  • REFER YOUR MAILING LIST with a clear call-out pointing to your referral link!

You can use this DM template when reaching out to get referrals:

Hey! I’ve been monetizing as a creator using Pillar and couldn’t be happier with it. Pillar helps me save a ton of $$$ because it gives me a place to have all of my links, digital products, courses, calendar bookings, and my media kit all-in-one place for $29/month.

Their team is also insanely good and helpful. They’re helping creators design and launch digital products in Canva, and they’ve been amazing!!

Thought it could be helpful to you too - lmk if you want to try it out for free! I’ll send across my referral link, which gets you into their VIP program as well.

How do I keep track of my referrals?

After someone signs up for Pillar through your referral link, your referrals tab will be automatically populated with the new referral. The entry will show up below your referral link.

Your number of active referrals, monthly recurring revenue, and lifetime total earnings will also be displayed in your referrals tab:

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