Add your links ๐Ÿ”—

Pillar's Creator Store not only allows you to sell digital products, courses, and bookable time slots; you can also add your affiliate links and auto-embed your latest social media content like YouTube videos. Here's how:

  1. Log in and navigate to your Creator Store

  1. Click 'Add Items' near the top of the page

  1. Select the 'Links' option

  1. Edit the link title, subtitle, and URL

Once you're done editing the information for one link, you can click the button marked + Add Another Link to add another link within the same group. You'll see there are now multiple links stacked on top of each other:

  1. Add a section header/subheader

Scroll down Section Header and Section Subheader and add an optional header/subheader for your links. These can be used to distinguish different groups of links (social media, brand affiliates, personal products, etc.)

Once you're done, click Publish on the bottom to add your links to your Creator Store for everyone to view. If you wish to keep them private and continue working on them later, you can click Save as Draft instead:

Styling Links

If the default links are too bland for you, Pillar offers several ways to style your links.

Once you have added your links and section header, you can change the appearance of your links through the Layout and Options sections.

The first option is to have a collapsed group of links that displays the header/subheader and only exposes the links when clicked.

You can also change the Layout into 'Large' or 'Tiles'. But you may notice that placeholders will appear for these styles. You also no longer have the option to collapse the links.

To change the placeholders into images, click on the gray window on the right side of each individual link (the ones that contain a heart, musical note, camera, and electricity symbol).

From the mini window, select Upload Custom Image and attach images to go with each link.

Your final product should look something like this:

This is just one way to add images to your links to make them more lively. Feel free to experiment on your own!

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