Book an onboarding call with a Pillar expert

New to Pillar and unsure of how to start building your Creator Store?

You can get advice directly from our 7-figure creator coaches by booking an onboarding call. On our call, we'll:

  • Onboard you to the Pillar platform if you're not already familiar with us.
  • Identify the products/services you could sell on Pillar and walk you through the steps to set up those products/services in your link-in-bio.
  • Show you examples of successful creators using the Pillar platform.
  • Answer your questions!

To book an onboarding call with a Pillar expert, just log in to your account and click the Book a Strategy Call button on the lower left corner.

You'll be brought to a Calendly page. Pick a time to have a 30-minute onboarding call with us using the calendar on the right side of the page and click Next.

In the next page, just enter your name, email, and optional details about what you wish to discuss during the onboarding call. Finally, click Schedule Event.

You should receive an email invitation from Pillar immediately (like the one below). When the time comes, use this email to join the onboarding call by clicking the blue Join with Google Meet button.

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