How can I change the design of my Store? ๐ŸŽจ

Step 1: Click on 'Creator Store' on the sidebar, then click on Design in the sidebar:

Step 2: If any of our featured designs look good to you, just click on the theme to use the design on your Pillar. ๐ŸŽ‰

Step 3: If you want to build your own unique design (or modify a theme), click on Background. This will let you to edit the appearance of the background on your Pillar link-in-bio:

You can set your background to be a single color, a prebuilt theme, or a custom image that you upload yourself!

Step 4: Edit the font, block shape, and social icon style:

Select a font
Select a block shape
Choose whether you want an outline around your social icons

Step 5: Click on the 'Show more' button to edit block and text color:

Each of the 9 colors listed plays a role in your page's design. Pro tips:

  • Block background refers to the background color of a block (each rectangle on your Pillar page).
  • Block button refers to the smaller rectangles inside the blocks, such as the 'Download Now' or 'Book A Time' button on the demo creator store above...
  • Page text is the color of text outside of any blocks or block buttons.
  • Borders refer to outlines that surround blocks:

  • You can change the alpha setting of a color by clicking the '+' button after you click a color, then using the slider under Alpha. This sets the transparency of a color:

  • Link hover colors refer to the color of the you want your link blocks to change to when someone hovers their mouse over the link. Note this does not apply to buttons or blocks containing buttons.

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