Basic Features

Below is an overview of the features available on Pillar for Managers. For detailed overviews of each major feature, check out our other articles.

Note: The appearance of the Pillar page may change as new updates come out, but everything should function the same.

  1. Sidebar:

The sidebar is what you’ll use to access all the features we have available. Feel free to click around and checkout core features like manager Dashboard and Talent Lists.

  1. Manager Dashboard:

The manager dashboard is where you seamlessly add, view, and edit information on all the creators on your roster. If you click on 'Dashboard' on the sidebar, this will be your default view.

You may log into a talent's Pillar account by clicking on their profile picture from the manager dashboard and selecting the 'Log In' option. This will give you manager access to the account, which is a way to edit information (link-in-bio, media kit, etc.) on the account without knowing the talent's login details.

  1. Team:

In the 'Team' subsection of the Dashboard, you can find a list of talent managers and add new talent managers by clicking the 'Add Teammate' button in the top right corner. Here, the agency can also give permissions to each manager (e.g. which talent they can view from their personal account).

  1. Link-in-bio:

Just like every creator on Pillar, talent agencies also have their link-in-bios and may set up a creator store. For the most part, the link-in-bio of an agency will contain a talent roster block and links to the agency website, socials, etc.

The 'Design' page will allow you to customize the style of your agency's link-in-bio.

  1. Talent Roster:

The 'Talent Lists' tab contains all your talent rosters. 'My Talent List' will contain all creators managed by the agency, and any custom talent lists can contain a subset of these creators.

If the social media accounts of your talent are connected, their analytics will be displayed in any talent list. You may also add a bio for each creator.

  1. Media Kits:

In the media kit, you have the ability to connect social medias, add past brand collaborations, edit a bio, and streamline inbound brand deals.

As an agency, you will most likely edit the media kits of your talent, rather than the agency's media kit!

  1. Campaign Reports + CRM:

The 'Brand Deals' tab contains the 'Campaign Reports' and 'CRM' features. This is where creators may be added as part of a brand deal. Each campaign report contains data on a collaboration between the agency and a brand:

An example campaign report

The CRM feature can be thought of as a simplified spreadsheet where your agency can easily keep track of all brand deals (status, price, date, which creator, etc.). While campaign reports could be sent to prospective brands to secure new deals, the CRM is mainly designed for internal operations.

  1. Video Walkthroughs

In-depth video walkthroughs of the features outlined in this page can be viewed here.

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